Spawning issue

I believe all of us know this feeling.
I do suggest to create extremely large kinda 250x250 landing pad with admin core somewhere on ECC, since it is not prohibited to spawn ships on admin bases. So players can spawn SV with warp drive on starer with minimal pain, then warp to ECC and spawn whatever they want. at least as temporary solution.

trying to spawn SkylinePvP( which is 25x17x61 on 150x130(!!!) platform and still cannot do it.

I have a massive landing pad in Freelancer orbit, and still cant spawn in my CV. All sides are way wider than the cv, and i still cant get it to spawn.

You are in space so have you tried using gravity Gen? You need to stand on the platform I am pretty sure.

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Yeah… very large ships can’t be spawned still.
For now counted as bug rather than “smart class control feature” so we will turn it off with the next restart for now.


I was able to spawn SV without gravity, so looks like it is not mandatory.

Grav Gen didnt work

Has it been turned off yet? Still doesnt work

Check your block dimensions in creative mode using the statistics menu rather than basing it off what your Blueprint says, BP numbers are way off. I spawned in a class 5 ship in freelancer home orbit last night with a length of 124 blocks. Also make sure nothing is clipping through the pad and the ship is just a few feet above the pad. Lastly you do not have to be standing on the pad to spawn I space.

You go to freelancer hq and you cant miss the pad i have in orbit. Its not the pad.


Its 132m to the CENTER from the edge.


And the pad is set to your faction right? Do your best to line up the red square generated at the correct viewing angle of the pad, it’s all in the wrist. Otherwise again your ship might be getting flagged by the system still. Sorry! Keep trying! But yes a community spawn pad would be amazing at ECC. I might make my own public one in freelancer orbit if that works for others to use.

Set it to public and someone will steal it. I put a grav gen on it so i can stand on it and line it up perfectly with my drone.


That might be your problem, it would have been impossible for me to spawn my ship in standing on the pad because the placement is relative to the center of the ship. If your ship is huge you need to be at half it’s height to get the angle correct. My ship was just clipping through the floor when I was standing on my pad attempting to spawn. I had to jetpack up in the air and about 40 meters away from my pad to create the correct angle to spawn.

Page up worked with the new system.


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