Special HWS mess

Hey @everyone,

the last topic for today and sadly a shadow is covering the day with some blueprint losses for some players.
We are all very tired and we will recover from that within the next few days.

However one thing was always missing the last couple of month or better to say: promised.
And if I promise something it is a fact and will be done… sooner or later.

With the help of certain players we were able to benchmark a 30+ CV orbit PvP situation for the Devs. While it was totally voluntary a lot of people came for the benchmark and lost a lot during that.
That was sadly part of the benchmark, however I said all participants get a little gift as a return.
So here it is


Some maybe need to help me remembering but on my list are

@A.F.T, @Archangel, @andreataff, @gareth, @Androniko1, @Fulgrim, @Darkside, @SergP, @rom70lo, @Juggoire, @Phobos, @grandizer, @smudgybear, @zappe21, @Wiseman738, @Loke, @Igniter, @FSociety, @xwert, @vobox, Korus, @GEEKsogen, Co6uPaTejib, Pa36upaTeJlb, @Stunner666, @SwissSteel1, @Rockers73, @jedimaster, @tK_Hunter, @Schuft, @Scorp, @Aerdred, @aernoud, @Daddystu, @extropy, @aeonbug, @_F.E.A.R_Ragnar, @_Ali, @lilliput, @Koolerbox and @Second_Dream

Maybe it is not much for you but I just wanted so show you that not only we (HWS + Devs) but the whole community appreciated your will to test and improve the game.

Merry Christmas and hopefully you enjoy the outcome!

Your HWS Team


Merry Christmas and thanks! Maybe we can all mute our selves for a few days so you guys can have a little peace ^_^.

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woooooooooooooooo thay looks lovely thank you lol :wink:


Hi @RexXxuS

Thanks for putting me on the list, however I did not take part in that test (this time :slight_smile: ) and did not lose anything as a result ether!.

However @aeonbug was in the test and is not on the list - so I will manually in game, give my gift loot to Aeon (as he is same faction as me) to balance out. So no action is required on the Admin team’s part, just posting for information.


Rexxx you forgot Lilliput. She was there with me

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Good Day

Ones missing from ACM is Second Dream and tk>Koolerbox.


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@RexXxuS Thanks for the great server and great work with all its features!

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Thanks @sacredglade and the others for pointing me in the right direction.

I’ve added @lilliput, @Koolerbox and @Second_Dream

From ita faction there were also: rommel, Jollyroger, Celden, drakkon.
Thx rexx, where They can Retrieve the ghift?
Marry christmass rexx

ReXx, I am on your list and received the reward but alas I did not participate in the bench mark.

how do i recieve the reward @RexXxuS

already done

thanks alot you are awesome