Spectre : Your neighborhood bounty hunters

Spectre : Who are we?

We at spectre are people first, hunters second but don’t let that get you thinking we’re not fit for the job. We have bases in PK4, but we’re expanding soon. So, why does all of this matter to you? It’s simple, we’re here to hunt for you, who we hunt is of little concern to us. We just want the money. Credits to sustain us, credits to help us survive just like everyone else is trying to do.

I want to contact you about a contract…

So, if that’s the case there’s a couple ways of reaching us.

The first way being over an advanced telecommunications system code-named D.I.S.C.O.R.D. It should be fairly easy to contact us, privately.

The other way would be post a note on this bulletin board ((Just send me a PM on here.)), you know the board where everyone in the galaxy complains about one thing or another, yeah this board. Again, discretion is the key here, so try not to be too obvious.

Our methods are to not be disclosed here, or not even privately, just know that we’ll get the job done.

Spectre out.

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