Stale Player / Faction Cleanup - Let's Make Wiping Obsolete

Jascha, another one just for you,

The touched system fails - for the most part - because a structure’s touched timer resets whenever anyone touches it, whether the owner has been on or not.

I propose a “Stale Player / Faction Cleanup” feature to build on the current touched system:

When ran manually: this feature would check all players and factions, looking for 2 things - players who haven’t logged on in CONFIG1 days and factions where no player has logged on in CONFIG2. Being run manually, it would simply present you with the list, and allow you to do as you please (covered in common)

When ran through the timetable: this feature would, again, check all players and factions looking for the same 2 things, but when run from the timetable, would automatically perform what’s described next

When someone is flagged as Stale, all of their private structures and placeables (shift-f stuff) would despawn. When a faction has been flagged as Stale, all structures set to faction for that faction would despawn.

Public structures and structures simply forgotten about or abandoned by active players would still be handled by the in-game touched system.

This solitary feature would make wiping obsolete on a LOT of servers. I’ve been working out a way to do this with batch scripting, but it’s a major PITA and could be handled so much more elegantly through your tool…

So, what do ya say, man? Can we give this a go? Happy to test for you and offer as much feedback as you can handle

You guys are the best,

P.S. I had a long conversation with RexXxuS about this, and he’s pretty clear, at this point, about exactly what I’m requesting, so feel free to reach out to him for context. I’m also happy to correspond directly, as well. You can add me on Steam (Capt. John Sheridan - Jay, Deltona, FL, US) or reach out to me through the Eleon forums (username Daede).


In the timetable, this could be
Stale Cleanup / Frequency / Time / CONFIG1 / CONFIG2

With CONFIG1 and CONFIG2 being Par1 and Par2 from your tool.

Just a little note I didn’t say in steam chat:

structures alone are not the reason why a surface wipe at least is needed.
A wipe is for now always needed as soon as people start drilling your planet to cheese. Because the more people drill the bigger your .area files will be. And the bigger they are the more data the clients needs to download > this causes “lags” or just performance issues (in best case).
That is the little hint, why we on HWS use more and more bedrock planets (non-destructable planets).



thanks for the suggestion. We thought about something similar before, but then decided to use the in-game touch system.
I’ll write it down and see what I can do. As you said, should not be a big thing. Only problem woudl be deleting ships on offline playfields. this could be donw over the offline jobs but if that playfield is not loaded then they never really get deleted. Will see what I can do.

Thanks a lot


Really excited to see this being considered. Stale player structures and stale factions, especially factions of 1 long since rage quit, are a pet peeve. +1 to the proposal.


Bedrock planets, interesting I would like to see how deposits would work on those wonder if it would even be possible to start meteors falling.

Well you saw it already - Lucifer and Gabriel

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Iv never actually been on any of those tbh xD but ill check it out

Hey, Jascha, just checking in on this. Any update? This would be a truly great thing for my server :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder. Have to see if I get it done before 6.0. Depends on how full this week gets. Cant promise anything.

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Here’s to hoping. Between this, the reset terrain option, and a shell script I wrote to reset POIs, I hope to make my galaxy persistent (and I really don’t like indestructible terrain, and neither do any of the people I’ve polled on my server)