Star Citizen comeback?

I have to admit that this caused me a lot of rainbows and cookies in my head :heart:

v.early supporter here with a premium Freelancer package. Got sick of waiting for something playable whilst they continued to add more shiny stuff I never paid for or never really wanting in the game. It’s frankly off my radar for now as Emp is keeping me way more interested.

yeah… this gameplay presentation get me excited. CryEngine is really sweet to a game physic based, with veichles and anything like that. Look at this… the crew can walk by the Ship while flying… this is amazing… And this is a big merit of CryEngine. I play ArcheAge that uses that engine, and in this point, is almost perfect.

Idk why ppl rage and hate about the waiting time… This is only 5 years by now. GTA takes 5 years to be developed and is a tiny map. This is a game with Solar systems and planets… I dont be surprise if takes 10 years or more to be finished. Of course that the company could be honest at this information, but this is a reality that everyone should already know.

4 Years later and we finally have some sign of life outside of pre-sales. Glad to see some combat (even if stuttery) put into this demo. Hopefully people will get what they paid for at least.

The only joy I get out of SC is watching the videos that Major Tom posts up on youtube. Always there for a good laugh.

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