Star Fragment progress partially reset

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What happened?
=> I collected Star Fragments 1-5, then took a break because of pentaxid cost. About a week later I went to get # 6 but it says that I have to do them in order. Returned to #5, same thing but also notice that it says I have collected zero. eb:info says I have +5% from star fragments. Dashboard log has entries for #1 through #5. Returning to frament #1 says that I can collect it again. I am unsure if this will reset my interest bonus or add to it.

Additionally, I joined a faction the other day (might this have had an effect on the record of my progress?)

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Kurik

Server? (+ EU or + NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> RE NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
22-10-08 18:48 HWS Star-Fragment found
Found Fragment 1 and received 100 RP

22-10-08 19:48 HWS Star-Fragment found
Found Fragment 2 and received 100 RP

22-10-08 21:13 HWS Star-Fragment found
Found Fragment 3 and received 100 RP

22-10-08 21:54 HWS Star-Fragment found
Found Fragment 4 and received 100 RP

22-10-10 21:59 HWS Star-Fragment found
Found Fragment 5 and received 500 Origin XP

exact times of visit to #6, return to #5, and return to #1 not recorded.

On which Playfield?
=> NA / multiple / Star Fragment planets

Structure Name(s)?
=> NA / multiple / Star Fragment POI

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> NA

How can we help you now?
=> Either fix it so I can continue with #6 … or should I collect them again from #1 and potentially get extra rewards?

Since I haven’t heard anything … tomorrow I shall see what happens if I start over from #1.

Hello @Kurik
sorry for the delay. I wasn’t available recently much.
I roughly checked your account and was confused myself.

Do not go ahead and farm them again. I will remove your Origin XP then, since it’s obviously an exploit.

I’ll check what happened today again and let you know then.

ok, waiting.

It still puzzles me but I have a technical assumption. Sorry for the wait.
Can you try and claim all again, starting from 1 again?
In theory you shouldn’t get another reward from 1-5.
If yes, I will just subtract it but at least you should continue with 6 and 7 then.

Theory confirmed, 1-5 left rp and interest alone, 6-7 worked as intended. Mission Completed, Thank you!

Great. Thanks for the information. I think I know also what technically was going on. A one time inconvenience, after I changed the Origin XP logic.
Next season should be smooth.

Thanks for your patience.

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