Stargate Package

Hello, i Just want to know if i buy the stargate package i can have a destination on ECC planet since is pve :slight_smile:

Thank You

I tried to put it in the guide already

(You can’t build/spawn a base on ECC in the first place)

While I like the idea of a “Supporter Stargate POI” on ECC, it doesn’t work, because everybody could use it.

I can limit only the Origin with Stargates. That a Pirate can walk through but not a Freelancer.
But I can’t lock the Stargates for steam ids as I can with Supporter Playfields.

How about “Base on ECC” package? If someone buys it then he could have a stargate there and access to it would be restricted by access to base.

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I have an idea.
You can put a Stargate POI and put a door with code so you need to enter in that room to use that supergate. I doubt someone wants to crack another code to be inside another player pve base trapped.
So casual players wont be accidentaly in.
Only the owner and his friends that know the code could access to that room with that stargate.

Another idea:

Modify EGS HQ and add stargate aparments:

Small rooms in EGS HQ with fridge, few cargo boxes, wireless connector, medical devices and stargate - all locked behind door with lock code :slight_smile:

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META players will never be able to have portals if u own a base in ECC META Planet… If u want a portal u must give up your Mansion and build a base in any other PVE Planet… Please @RexXxuS do something about it… Thanks

You can just have a stargate in your penthouse xD.

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