Start the new season as an AAA freelancer!

AAA are recruiting! Looking for some like minded players! Check us out at:


I thought you were a french clan with that tag.


Against All Authorities?

We like to leave it open to interpretation (or possibly we couldn’t all agree on what it should stand for…)


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Aliens Agenda Arse ?

Nice! Very creative :smile:

- any more ideas and contributions from anyone?

Alcoholics Are Awesome :slight_smile:

AAA and Alcohol HAD to come up at some point!

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Good to see more clans got/getting their shit together, makes for a better server IMO.

All play styles xD??? even infiltrators?

Infiltrators? Is that a play style or just a nasty person? We only have nice players in the faction… :wink:

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I’t would be a nasty person sabotaging from the inside xD but good to hear.

I am interested. My tag is [wgt]thispolak its from 3.0. I am semi casual player with 660 hours played. Left right before 4.0. Have lots to catch up on. Interested in pvp and group things. Can be reached steam or discord. Discord best. Thx

Great! I am away from game and pc this week but will try to catch up on discord or ask one of the other faction admin team members to contact you.

Sounds good thanks

Some advice AAA try to help new players that way your faction gows with you. and you all laern together as the game progresses that is how tch has got so big we have been recruting new players helping them learn the game showing them how pvp cv’s are built where to get recorces ect. taken a lot of people under our wing. okay some didnt turn out so good (@Achillies ) but he eneded up being a good hunter and a good admin.
other players stayed with us for one patch then went else where others esp in this patch we eneded up merging allaince factions in our faction. We also have had old faction players re join us in this patch its all about communicationn and helping ppl out. Good luck in recruting but hink about not just recruting bu thelping people.
have fun!

Thanks for your kind wishes👍. I couldn’t agree more with the general approach to new players, certainly it is the starting point for a fun and friendly faction like AAA and others like us build upon.

I think that it is especially important now for the server that following the TCH alliance maga merger other factions like AAA continue to grow and develop to bring back balence in the server. It would not be fun for anyone if one very large faction “controls” the server as this would stifle much of the gameplay.

Although perhaps having the massive mega faction could spark the development of some new subtle game play, perhaps a star wars style alliance of rebel factions against the dominant empire faction? :wink:

I guess that is the beauty of Empyrion it provides a great canvas to build your individual and shared narrative.

Referred here by ThisPolak, looking to join AAA.
UK based, 24, Middling activity.
Ideally looking to play Ship Engineer/Designer.