Starter CV

I am not saying the design for the CV is bad but if you spawn it in then power it off you could get locked out of it as it does not stand on its own ever. This seems like it could cause a lot of people to spawn and abandoned these everywhere. Personally being a veteran to HWS I know of the faction pack and it gives a multitool so I will scrap mine down to make something that can land. There are so many great designers out there, interesting to see them all. To me though for a start ship needs to be something that is for one new player friendly. You start on Akua you get no armor so not jetpack. Ship falls over you do not get in it now. If you do not know about faction pack then you have a worthless ship. This also could cause you to walk away from the community.
Just some feedback from a vet that comes and goes around here.

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Thanks for the feedback.
The idea why I chose this one is: the horizontal footprint is very low.
With SHIFT + W + Spacebar I was able to get on it, but it was on a flat plane.
But I can see the issues and maybe I’ll find a better one.

I was on Akua last night and seen them scattered about. Unless something messed up you start without the jetpack so yeah once they fall over that is it. If you had a orbit start that would be great. The faction with the community center has one standing on it’s own. No idea how they did that other than the perfectly flat ground.
Always happy to help however I can, always will.

Might i suggest a different ship for the starter CV.

“Idun - Starter CV (RE)” from the workshop.

Its a level 12 spawnable, with low spawn cost, and is easily upgradeable.

All ships/POIs used by HWS (excluding Reforged Eden stuff) are explicitly made for HWS, so sadly that would probably not be an option.