(Starter) planet overcrowding solution?


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First of all I just want to say that a faction and an origin is not the same. I know you mean origin in this thread, but using the word faction causes some confusion, but back to topic:

I don’t know if you know, but on starter planets anything you build will be wiped after 7 days, and already now HWS offers tools to get anyone off starter planet within that time. I don’t think it would be a good idea to give people 4 weeks instead. All the fun on HWS starts once you leave your starter planet.

I don’t really see how this would happen from your suggestions?
From my point of view it’d be the almost exact same. Once someone leaves starter planet they’ll probably make a base on their HQ planet, and then that’ll become overcrowded. Which is already somewhat an issue now, but mostly because of performance issues with empyrion.

Again I don’t see why this isn’t possible now?
But anyways, I think it’d result in this:

Friend 1: Joins HWS on starter planet one and builds lots of stuff.
2 days later in a new week.
Friend 2: Joins HWS on starter planet.

Now these wouldn’t be able to play together unless the first person who already have lots of stuff performed a cb:reset

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Fair enough, ill nuke the thread as I’m apparently attempting to solve a non-issue.
Thanks for the in depth response.

I indeed mixed up faction and origin.
I also think I missed the mark by discussing starter planets and probably more meaning HQ planets, as they indeed suffer from the same fate and overcrowding.