Starter Planet "Supply Drop"

Hey there folks,

So as everyone should know a common feature is that Starter planets are non returnable, once you leave you cant return. Only way to stop vets from abusing the safe zone of it.

Well once the entire faction is off, but what if your friend joins the server long after your faction is off planet?

We all know how annoying it can be for a single person to mine enough resources to build the cv, get the pentax, then find your way, what if there was something you as a faction mate across the galaxy could do???

Idea= EGS Supply Drop
Idea behind it is at a cost (1-3 million?) you can buy a supply package to help your friend in need! It would have a variety of raw materials, ammo, charges, food, pentax, ect. It would “land” on the planet factioned, the player on the planet retrieves the items, then it disappears. That way you can actually have a hand in helping your faction mate so he can enjoy tagging along in your adventures in a faster manner!

Starter planet only, maybe one per person per day, high price so not to be abused too much

A little something to let your friends know youd rather be leveling up and fighting cvs than wasting your time mining on starter planet to help them :slight_smile:


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good idea.
please dont forget about o2 :slight_smile: and light armor :slight_smile:

yesterday resqued one mate from starter, due to bug, his armor dissappear, and he cant left starter building, he resetted twice, same bug. i can expect how many people left server because of hard atmosphere of starter planets and 6.0 bugs … i think admins should think about it