Starter Service Port?

Hello. I’ve been trying to get my EAH tool working. The techs over at GTX are being very rude. I tried going step by step with the documentation to get my end setup. I have entered the Admin Helper Details that I get from my web dashboard on initial startup of the EAH tool.

When I go to the Master/Slave fly out menu and I click on Start Master, I get a popup informing me to enter a port for the starter service. Not sure what this is asking for.

i don’t know much about this tool but my google-fu is decent… found this tidbit that may be helpful

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Start Master means to start EAH on the server. Not sure if GTX enabled that. If not, you must be able to start the master from their website.
If they have it enabled: Its to o be able to start the EAH Master tool from remote. You need a port (but GTX must tell you it then) to connect to the starter service. If its not enabled, you don’t have to worry and dont need to click that button. once you have connected to the Master (or see the config via ftp) it has that starter port in the config.

Here you find more infomation about the tool: