Starter space and planets wipe?

Ok so i realy wana figered out when will by wipe for starter planets and if started space will by wiped too and when. Its funny couse i havent lvl for unlock warp for CV, i havent fuel for CV and SV couse on freelancers planet are/were only copper depo and pentaxis/cobalt/iron meteo. And best thng is, that two of my friends come to play on server, but one is on holydays and second come today evening maybe. So a realy wana know how that friend from holydays come to us when we or I will be somewhere …

i know that having server with 170ppl is stressful job but comeone this is little bit to much …

You can type cb:nextwipe in chat and it will tell you wipe times, to be safe asume orbit is being wiped same time as planet probably tomorrow morning at 9am gmt +2 or +1 not 100% sure.

Don’t worry too much about a wipe its not so bad, if you cant get off the planet salvage everything you can and place the components into your inventory on your character and if there isn’t space put it into your f2 factory since that wont be wiped during planet wipe (this will make your next building/ship produce faster)

During wipe:

What is lost:

BA,CV,HV, SV spawned on planet/orbit.
Money in your character (Type eb:putall  into chat to move it to elemental bank)

What is safe:
Everything in your:
Player Inventory
F2 Factory
Elemental Bank
Your levels
Your Dignity and Sanity xD (If you’r prepared)

So salvage everything spawned and place them into your character or factory and move all your money into the elemental bank and you should be good to go, if you want to take it one step further start building your CV for escape after wipe and when its ready in your f2 factory don’t spawn it leave it there till after wipe.

Fly Safe

P.S. You can get every single basic resource if you use your drill right click and set to remove stone then remove bolders from the map, all common resources will drop from them, if your lucky and your on a planet with massive obalisk like bolders then itll take about 2 min of drilling and 150 fuel and then 200 ore will drop afterwards, be careful thou becuase sometimes they bounce far away.

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