Starter wipe, survivel constructor wiped

[LWN] Starter Base, 2 SV, and two survival constructors with crap ton of Promethium got wiped from Cryo A2 today. I see there was an emergency wipe. How do I get my goodies back? User ID Validus. Server NA

Moved, you posted in wrong topic.

Survival Constructor have no IDs => Can’t be restored sorry.

Did you use your fa:supply already? If yes, you can use it now again.

Thanks for the FA:Supply. Understood about the Survival Contructors. Any chance the base can be restored from backup? It was called “Home Base” I believe and was waypointed in my registry and very close to my character current coords.

I can’t find that name in the database, sorry. Do you have the ID by any chance? (HWS Connect > Structure Commander)

Apologies, it was called “Starter Base” under LWN faction. Coords -1260, 65, -115 I think

The name we have stored was Starter Base 1 but the coordinates were 99% correct so I restored it for now.
Please let me know if it worked.

It worked. Heavily damaged but was able to salvage a lot. Thank you so much!

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