Starting Planets Locations and Difficulties

Hi All,
I’ve been playing Empyrion off and on since Alpha 5/6 and have been using a dedicated server since then. EAH makes life SO much easier!

That said, is there some way to set the starting planets and their difficulties and relationships to each other in EAH? My desire is to create a PVP / PVE game where more experience players start on a harder world, but in the same solar system, even the same orbit as the easier world. Sort of a Romulus / Remus kind of thing. I managed to place two planets right next to each other quite a while a go, but it took a lot of effort and it was quite a few versions ago.
I’m wondering if there’s something in EAH that I missed that would allow me to set up a similar scenario without going through ALL the freaking YAML files to do so.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!



EAH itself does not do any Playfield/Universe Creation. For that there are other tools and guides out there though.

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