Status Update

Hey HWS Community,

I want to share a status update because personally, for me, some things are in a not so good state at the moment.

New HWS NA Server

This turned out to be the first disappointed for me. After I saw how highly requested it was also from the community I looked almost everywhere for a new server.
The current, good hoster we are having, has no good servers at the moment. At least I have no luck at all. Either it’s only available in France, Sydney or just not what we need.

Then I found a good one at IONOS, but it turned out to be fraud scam crap. I registered everything to found out later, that they blocked and canceled my order without a damn reason.

Another server was cool too but only US Citizen were able to buy it.

So overall, I’m back to the beginning, looking still regular for a good server for NA.
Sorry for the delay and kind of claim I made about being able to move this week. Didn’t expect this to happen :frowning:

Why the sudden impact btw.?
Because HWS 10 has much more active playfields than last season. I added more Freighter, the Ori planet but also more Supporter Space playfields, which are on NA already sold out as well. I didn’t know that it would have such an impact.

HWS Connect v5

While Hayawen still makes awesome progress on it and cool stuff is coming soon, I’m not able to finish the design rework and in general few important changes.
If I do such things I need some time and concentration. At the moment, all the time something interrupting me.
My plan for that to finish is still for the next season!

HWS Balancing

Checking some data about credits / RP / HWS Ingots / items or PvP gameplay or PvE gameplay, I am not that happy. More or less “it works” but it feels more and more, not “in my control”. Inflation is killing HWS here and there, POIs are overdue for an update with Shields and better loot, Planets can be much better made with new tools from Alpha 10 and Features need some polishing as well.

I can only say, that my plan is to fully rethink / balance stuff for the next and further seasons.
It’s one of the most challenging tasks but one of the worst things for me is dealing with legacy.


Patreon is still blowing my mind. How it got boosted so quick, so high by you. Thanks a lot!!
But I want to work on more goals for you and restructure them a bit once I have more time again.

Please let me know though, how you like the new integration in HWS Connect, the benefits and what else could be implemented for HWS Patrons?


Just a reminder / for your information:
there are some PMs lying around you have sent to me. Complains / Requests / Suggestions / etc.
I would appreciate if you can re-send them to me. Best over the forum here.


Overall, at the moment, and reason for the current status is that real life needs more attention from me. A lot of taxes have to be organized, I’m changing some conditions of different insurance contracts, the move to a new home has still work for me. The last 2 days I’m building the kitchen for example.
So after 3 years, it’s the first time I just have to forcefully step back from HWS a little bit to clear stuff in real life.
It’s a temporary thing, so please hold on a bit.

That being said, I still try to catch up with some things and the best you can do is to send me a forum PM. Discord is really just a quick “on / off” platform for me, I can’t keep track of hundreds of PMs.

I’ll keep you updated if anything important is coming / changing.
Until then, feel free to comment below what things in your opinion need a rework or balancing in the next season (maybe some things can be addressed in the current one as well)

Thanks for reading, your support - no matter how but most importantly: playing on HWS! :bowing_man:




Take your time, build up your home and when you´ve finished it´s easier to concentrate on other things.


@RexXxuS , you have an outstanding server! Just as you showed support for me in my last update video, I will help you as well with what ever I can.

I too am doing the buying, moving, and reinventing a house. So, I for one am sympathetic to you.

You have a good community and support! Plus, even with the small bugs on NA, Obsidian Syndicate and myself are having a blast!



I think i can speak for many when i say that your work is very much appreciated and the ongoing improvements to the system by you and the other team members really makes the game. To me Empyrion doesn’t exist anywhere else but on HWS. The vanilla game is just so boring.

As we spoke on Disco, Im happy to work on some of the poi/planet working and design. I just am not that familiar with some of the workings from the spawners and adm integration stand point. So if I could team up with someone on disco at some point to get my head around some of the mechanics I would definitely be down to help.

Take what time you need to get your REAL life in order. the server community is not going to die as a result of you being out of pocket for a while.

cheers and good luck.


My I suggest to any NA player with knowledge in IT, if you know of or can recommend a respectable server/host located in the USA please post any contact info on this forum.


Take care of yourself first, Rex. You’re doing a great job; don’t stress, just focus on real life first.


My best friend of 14 years is an American citizen and should be able to help you/HWS with this. He does have some IT background too. Or if you need only his ID, just feel free to let me know anytime Rex. <3

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I am sorry that you feel the need to appoligize for having to deal with real life issues. You and your team are doing an amazing job. Take as many breaks as you want. Your health and well being are far more important than any “immediate” updates. HWS is by far the best server to play on, without question, and it will remain so even if you end up taking the rest of the season off. Don’t forget to breath.
If possible and when you or Hayawen get the time, I would like to see small incremental additions avaible in the supporter packages. Example: I have the permanent 50m credit package and I want to upgrade to 100m. It would be nice if the system would be able to recognize your current supporter level and be able to +1 (or more) for that package, rather than paying the full amount to get to the 100m credit level. This would apply to all supporter packages, if possible.
Also, as a devoted patreon, I feel like I am underpaying for the servies that you provide within the patreon packages. I think that an “ala carte” approach may be nice on top of the current levels. Just simple things to start perhaps. Like 5 instant blueprints a month for $2 extra for existing patreons.
Anyway… keep up the amazing work and relax as much as you can. I appreciate all that you and your team do for this outstanding server. Thank you!


thanks guys for your kind words.
Just to highlight this a bit again, and maybe you can spread this also ingame whenever there is a problem.
There are some reasons we prefer the forum over discord:

  1. Discord has a very bad task-management… well it was not designed for that anyhow. There is no way to track what has been done or is still open. So it can never be a “Could you do this for me” platform!
    On the other hand in the forum we have a way to track everything, so the chances that a help request gets forgotten is very rare here

  2. As rex says, he has hundrets of messages in discord… thats overwhelming and causes tickets to be forgotten

  3. The forum is organized. Some like to pm rex and me at the same time on discord with an issue. And then rex and me start working on the same problem without knowing about each other…waste of time. If you create a forum ticket we have one place for an issue and just one can take care of it.
    If you need to pm us privately (for example sensitive questions/exploits/…) then we also prefer the forum as a pm to me and rex. Then we both can discuss it together with you instead of each one privately in discord.

  4. If problems are posted in the forum as ticket you actually get faster help.
    Because not just rex can work on them,

  • but the community (who helps already a lot to solve most tickets)
  • or the police (who can help ingame a lot more)
  • or @Hayawen (in case questions issues with HWS connect come up),
  • or me (in case tool Administration is needed)
    So much more people can actually take care of the problem.

Last night for example rex got a lot of pm’s about ECC/GG/Eton down. But nothing was seen on the forum. Rex was gone and I did not even know that there was any problem.

So please also spread the word to not PM rex on discord (already for his health :wink: ) but create a forum ticket for us all :slight_smile: .

Thanks a gain guys for this awesome community: You are what makes this server a home"world" for many! :heart:


Hey Red. Long time no see. Since I started that new job in August I have not been on on a while. Now that I’m settled in maybe I can contribute more again.

I work in IT but sadly I do not have any recommendations as far as hosts go. I could reach out to some contacts that work our back-end to see if they have recommendations. We use AWS though.

@RexXxuS @Jascha
Man am I impressed as always with what you guys have done with this site and community. I’m glad to see it is still going strong. I live in the Dallas, TX, USA area if you need a NA middleman.

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Good to hear from you XXSWFXX “your welcome to join Op4 any time”, any help or advice that can be gained is less time Rex and Jascha have to dedicate to finding a new server.
There is a wealth of knowledgeable players on this server so would be helpful for any in the IT trade players could help to recommend a good reputable server provider “that’s not to expensive :D”