Still having issues with debt

ok thanks jascha for helping with the debt at first it looked fine after the wipe though i noticed that it had popped back up to now 1,200.000 so im wondering if staying at the elemental marketplace during the wipe would have charged me 1.2 mil credits , i was under the impression that the taxes only went through if you were there on the space at 3am everyday, so maybe if im wrong just let me know if thats why the debt shot up to the millions again and ill make sure I stay out of elemental from now on then thanks, -TheMadDabber17

Ok will check it as soon as it is online. But as far as I saw before you should have not payed tax today.

Definetly Tax:
The Termite’ (4456432); Blocks: 382; Devices: 95; Price: 237499; Player:0; Reputation: 1; TotalPrice: 0
The DragonFly’ (3534167); Blocks: 129; Devices: 50; Price: 124999; Player:0; Reputation: 1; TotalPrice: 0
Small Vessel (SV)’ (5671352); Blocks: 288; Devices: 70; Price: 174999; Player:0; Reputation: 1; TotalPrice: 0
The Mosquito’ (3534205); Blocks: 73; Devices: 26; Price: 64999; Player:0; Reputation: 1; TotalPrice: 0
06.01.2017 09:07:48.010 W Planet-Tax: Player ‘TheMadDabber17’ would still have to pay 64999 Credits. Rest will be put to his debt.

Best is if you read the guide to learn more about it. I took care of it.

ok thanks ill make sure i deep space it next time for the wipe, someone had told me it would be ok to go to the elemental. I guess it just got mixed up between 3am east coast , so its 12am for me pacific standard time, thanks again you’ve really helped make it stay worthwhile to play, hard enough to stay alive out there with so many rival players lol -TheMadDabber17