Still having large amount of errors when joining and while playing

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> No idea travelling back from Ecc sector to zion some where on the way back an internal error popped up on pressing continue it pops up again and is unending ive restarted and rejoined but its still present game is fine in Single Player it stops me from doing anything

Player(s) with issue:
=> Wookiewaffle

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 2:00

=> Zion

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> There is more information on my previous ticket but it was marked as solved prematurely

Still comes up with constant error’s when I join until I battle to get console up and un-tick exceptions also now i cant see any markers map, warp or anything when using a detector

Also there is this I’ve never been to Freelancer Tutorial let alot set the marker dont know where this has come from

I’ve reinstalled and deleted appdata player info still getting the errors

Hm lets see if the devs find something. Until then I warp you to ECC. If that does not work we could only reset you.

Warping me to ECC fixed everything until i entered Zion Sector the the errors immediately started again so deffinetly something to do with Zion if you where to reset character what would I loose?

You would loose credits and rp, but I can return them. You will loose your xp.

Is there anyway you can return the exp and unlock points as im one on the main bulding in the faction

I could do that too

Cool might give that a go in a minute then im just gunna try CSW see if that makes any difference as that was one of the precursors to this happening

Nope no joy with that what will happen to the resources in my factory if i restart?

They will be gone :frowning:

damn i was in the middle of trying to reduce time on a bp so ive got alot in there

no way it can be transffered to ocd?

Well if you log out now i could do that. I let you know when i cleaned your player
But it will be only ressources no finished bps

Ok ty I’ve logged out I shall await your word Thank you

Ok, you can login again. I will now add your resources to the ocd

OK is all in your ocd. You have exp and upgradepoints again. Just be aware: being prototype will remove your rp afterwards. let us know then.

I’ve started Proto can you restore my RP after i change origin :frowning:
no worries if not

Yes, just let us know when. (I will be off now, so it might be you get the rp tomorrow then)

No errors all is good now only problem i just had was taking the resources you put into my OCD from factory disappeared when i tryed to take it out I pressed send but nothing came up in game I didnt have any menus up

Also i just realised that I forgot to leave faction so there is a double of me but i dont think that matters and there is a SV that i think i had on private Name is Merc-MX11 ID 118131 could you please return it to me or faction thank you so much for dealing with all this sorry for being a pain in the ass