Storing armor and modules in OCD

Haven’t seen this address specifically anywhere but at some point storing armor was disabled for OCD and armor modules are unable to be stored as well. Thank you.

Armor has been stated that it will not be possible to store in the OCD, atleast for the time being. The potential for exploit is too great here, as it makes a finite lifespan heavy armor suit functionally immortal. Armor upgrades may be stored in ocd 6 and above, same as gold and epics.

This flies in the face of what they said before about storing armor. At the very least they could re-enable it for the reset.

Said when? Do you have a quote of this? Because I haven’t seen it mentioned yet. May have missed it though. Regardless, even if armor were allowed in OCD, I do not see it being enabled for sub ocd 6, as it has a higher value density than anything else in the game, with a single set of heavy armor selling at times for 200k credits.

It was to clarify that they would allow armor storing and heavy armor would be OCD6. If time allows, I’ll do some digging and edit.

This was the one that came to mind and the first search result.

Found it. Must have overlooked it because it was a fast answered question:

I will keep looking, but you are right, this does seem to add a bit of confusion. Either this means yes it will be able to be stored in OCD, or Rex was simply saying you certainly would not be able to store in ocd 5 or below

no t2 weapons either

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