Stranded due to Rotation Problem

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Some factionmates and I flew onto the Zhul planet at roughly 11:00 PM EDT, placing it squarely in the PVE time. The PVPVE rotation reads: “PVP | Friday -> Monday” “PVE | Monday -> Friday” “PVPVE Rotation: 9AM” However, we were assaulted by another player in faction BPN, player Walipoo. This should be impossible per the rotation. He destroyed our ship, nullifying numerous hours of work and stranding us. I am -not- blaming Walipoo for inappropriate behavior due the rotation’s bug, though he should have known better. The problem is the inaccuracy of the planet’s rotation.
Player(s) with issue: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ulti, Aspen Tremula, Turtlemaniac702
Server: HWS - NA
Time (cb:time): As of this message about 20 minutes after the event: Current Time: Tuesday, 20 March 2018 04:17
Playfield: Zhul
Structure Name(s): Sapphire originally. Now “Conundrum” without the core.
Structure ID(s): No longer available.
How can we help you now: Please respawn our ship back by the GEM faction base on Freelancer HQ that was destroyed on Zhul with fuel and oxygen so we can continue exploring. The only cargo the ship had on it was 24 tomato sprouts, 6 corn sprouts, 6 durian sprouts, 6 pumpkin sprouts, 9 akua berry sprouts, 1 kavae bean sprout, 2 alien honey sprouts, 12 wheat sprouts, 3 ahax sprouts, and 3 plant fiber sprouts. Thank you.

What is the server time?
Find this using cb:time, and always check the planet status whether it is really PvP or PvE. It doesn’t go by our time (such as CST in my case) but in server time. Since the EU folk are ahead of the NA server, and they are using the same time across both servers, the rotation goes a lot sooner for the NA folks.

Should note here that I did assist by supplying full cargo box of every possible ore even including plastic and wood because why not along with 20 e rations, 600 fuel, oxygen, and enough pentaxid to circle the galaxy several times (900 refined and 999 raw right?). Defiantly didn’t leave you stranded or give you indication of that in chat. It was pretty clear I was going help you out… I think I even told you how to make this ticket after you already got the materials, see chat log at 4:25 in NA on discord?

Even made you a t2 gen, 5 passenger seats, 10 t3 fuel tanks as I was flying back just to help you out

Server time said Tuesday 4:37 TacoIsland.

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The server time was posted - a little before 04:17 on 20 March 2018. This places it squarely in the PVE time. Descriptions should be accurate, which is the nature of the problem here.

Yes, you did help assist in our team recovering from the destruction you caused, Walipoo. It was appreciated, though not as much so if you had not attacked us on what was supposed to be a PVE playfield at the time. 4 people effectively lost 2 hours each of enjoyment that evening.

The beginning of a season is always bit tricky until the tool and my brain has all rotations set right.
Sorry for the inconveniences.

Since you got help or not I don’t know the current status.
Let me know please what is still missing.

We have not yet received assistance as requested above. If you could do so, that would be wonderful.