Stranded in "workhole FR" after CV was blown out of the sky for unknown reason

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What happened:
=> Stranded in “workhole FR” after CV was blown out of the sky for unknown reason

I have a liveboat CV w/o warp which i used to park at the shipyard.
I think this is a taxed system, just to make matters worse.

I cant get away, and i really do miss my CV - i was near one of the gates when it happened.

Player(s) with issue:


Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> is it possible you can get my CV back? or at least tell me why it was shot out of the skies w/o any type of warning i am aware off - in a single shot no less.

And 2ndary… if i have to start over building a new CV from scratch, i would like to do that back near my base… .cant get there now since my warpable ship is blown to bits…

Ill be logging out since food in my backpack is limited - it was all in the blown up CV
(debris also gone, i stopped playing for a bit to cool off my anger)

It sounds like you might have flown to the SV-only supergate. To make it SV only it has turrets that shoot at any CV in range.

You should fill in the missing information in the form (player, server, CV name, CV ID and so on) or the admins will be unable to help.

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What @FionnMacCumhaill is saying.
Without the server i can not help, and you must wait for rexx or jash

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