Structure commander wierdness

This ship was deconstructed over a week ago, but got visited today?

This was used two days ago, but listed visited on the… 0th?

Visited this yesterday, jumped on it, powered on/of with y, then painted it this weeks color. Visited the 0th also?

This guy timed out on the first day of the visiting time change. Been gone ever since. But visited yesterday also?
There are dozens of examples of wierd-ness like this. Looking at it, it appears about 10% of the entries are accurate and/or make sense.
Unless I am just misreading something…

Nevermind I see it now, I guess that is NOT the date, it is the number of days since visited? If we can get that verified and maybe relabeled from “last visited” to maybe time since visited:

Thatd be great

I tried to put it there:

But yeah… “Time since visited” is better?!

@ Rexxus

Think we can also have a checkbox for “Hide Deleted = True” say next to the structure commander title or under the green info bar???

PLEASE, cause the list is huge for large factions that have many people building disposable sleds or SV’s and noone really cares about seeing a ship listed from day 1 of 5.0 when we were all on starter orbits.

If not possible, at least separate the lists, top list is active stuff… then another list half way down the page showing deleted stuff.

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I’d also like the ability to remove old ships from the list. It gets quite busy otherwise - even for my one man faction. Emergency sleds, BH drilling sleds, dead CVs etc.

They will be deleted from the list automatically after few days but I can implement a way to hide them. I’ll Try to code it today

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before I code the checkbox… you know that you can filter the list by clicking on the header for a fast win?

Checkbox may still be useful though, I dont think they are being removed automatically, if you look back on my original post, I have some still on the list after over 2 weeks

yes, you can filter that…but then the list is not able to be filtered by anything else… like location, id , or ship name alphabetically… so if you want to search a ship name you have to still view deleted mixed in with current stuff…

Don’t know if I am sleeping or coded this… but here we go

It is now a setting in your HWS Connect Setting. Reachable in the top right corner as you know of course from the hotview :wink:

If you check this option the deleted structures won’t be loaded for you.
Technically they just won’t be displayed. The tool still needs to delete them ingame.

Hope this was worth the time and you’re welcome… damn… the whole day this song…

Good night I guess…

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