Structures disappearing on Kratos

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What happened?
=> ships taken to kratos, spawned bases disappear. No record of them in registry or structure commander

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> buddhas-hand, swisssteel

Server? (EU or NA)
=> eu

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> yesterday and today. difficult to be specific. landed on kratos (sv) about 1pm server time and logged. On login about 9am server time — no ship.

On which Playfield?
=> kratos

Structure Name(s)?
=> Rockj

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> unknown — no record of it in registry. no record in structure commander. Also seems odd ---- kratos is also not listed in registry.

How can we help you now?
=> find problem and fix.


yes we just found out that Kratos on EU is bugged.
Devs look into it and we hope to fix it soon.
Afterwards we can restore all of the things.

Sorry for the issues

Done. Sorry for the inconveniences. DB just did not had the playfields :frowning:

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