Stuck in CSW NA->SAN Limbo

I think I did something wrong when I tried to go to Sanctuary from the NA server. When I logged over to the other server, I ended up in a station that seems to indicate I’m not in the right place.

I went back to NA and I’m floating in space with an empty inventory.

I looked on my HWS Connect, and it looks like my ship safely arrived to Sanctuary, but my character sheet on Sanctuary is not the same as it is on NA.

If there’s a way to fix this cool. If not let me know and I’ll reset.

I made the same mistake, if you warp back to the SA server and wait for 60 seconds you will be teleported back to your ship. However, you will loose your inventory from the first warp.

The 60-second wait is the time need for the server to make the copy of your character.

The signs in that building are a bit misleading

The signs are for people who accidentally join the Sanctuary server as their starter server.

I can understand that, but take a noob like me.(800 hours server time) Trying out the CSW for the first time made me feel like I messed it up. That list you read could use a number 3, “if you just used the CSW please wait 60 seconds”

Haha. Yeah. Rex was being cute with #1 saying that you got warped to the wrong dimension. :wink:

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