Stuck in CV at ECC orbit for one day and cause of that got 2+ mln debt

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Stuck in CV at ECC orbit for one day and cause of that got 2+ mln debt
Player(s) with issue: MOTHERRUSSIA
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 18:26
Playfield: ECC orbit
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Please remove debt again :cold_sweat:


if you are stuck, why you don’t ask for help earlier?
And how exactly stuck? I can see in the logs you got around well.
Why are you right now again in ECC System?
Why are you so often in ECC System and not Eden System for example?
Questions I need to understand first, thanks.

  1. I stuck yesterday, after long fly to ECC i accidentally felt asleep (IRL) and died (ingame), and when appeared i stuck at the clone chamber of my CV. i was too tired to do any then and went sleep, and today after working created this topic
  2. Now i really do not stuck, i used destroyme and appear near of clone chamber
  3. Right now im at ECC cause i have no fuel and cant buy it cause of debt
  4. I was going to ECC to blackmarket, i dunno where there’s also blackmarket… and seems i forgot there s no blackmarket at ECC

Im really sorry u have to spent time for me again

Please do something, i have only 2 days weekends to play hard… but now i cant do anything ((
Also thx u RexXxuS for patience

So three days ago you had your debts forgiven by the admins and you still didn’t learn your lesson and want them forgiven again?

It’s up to the admins how to handle this, but it seems to me you already had your one freebie.

You also choose to ignore it and went to bed instead. That’s a tough call.

dont be so adamant, yeah bro ure right, i didnt get those lesson, but we all have the real life, job, charge, etc. And sure i want to play as more as i can. But those moment like 2mln debt by 1 day is insane for me, nooblike player with my 5/2 week job.
In a case of admins deside not to forgive me, my game become broken at all, i even cant move from space where i am now. That mean i cant play at the HWS at all, but I like this game and in particular HWS. Please let me chance to play more

Well, real life can get busy, I know myself. But your answers 1-4 are a bit strange.
Anyways, from the 2 taxes you got, I refunded the last time the highest

For the other, just leave ECC. Ask the police (@gareth) to help you, make use of your orbital Auto miner and OCD.
At the moment you have only bought the Gold Auto Miner. Type am:buy:pro and am:buy:bc to get fuel to leave.
Store everything important in your OCD and get it if needed.
And all of that not in ECC / ECC System.

The Taxes just should make the playfield smooth (because DSL is still not good implemented). The less structures there are, the more fun for everyone.

Last but not least such issues can get resolved by the community often. Just ask some and they offer you help. If you are really stuck make use of cb:getshiphere, cb:gotoship or cb:gohome.

plz always ask ingame first, my team and i are here to help, try and contact one of us first.

Thx u guys u re the best, seems i found the game where i can donate without a fear fo be unheard

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