Stuck in death on Comet7


I am a new player on the server, and i don’t know all hints of the game. Especialy spawn things…

Here is my situation : i got a CV and a BA in space in Comet 7 orbit. I went on the planet with a little basic SV to collect some hydrogen and stuff, but i get shooted by a BA flying over it. No problem here, the game is the game and it’s my bad.

The problem is i can’t respawn in Home Base, then only choice i get is “Current Location” or “Fresh Start”. The home base choice is grey and say “Cannot spawn on your home base”. I don’t know why, my CV and BA have clone chamber and medic.

The second problem is, if i take “Current Location”, i am insta killed by the defences of structure who shooted me before. I can’t even say anything in chat to ask for help to my Freelancer allies, the death screen come back with no delay. I know the rule of ammo draining so i didn’t try it too much (but a few try i have to admit).

I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s my noob fault which get me in this situation, and if help from admin is allowed in this case, but i’m really stuck and don’t know what to do. I try a help msg here before the fresh restart.

If needed, here are my informations :
Server : HWS EU
Player name : Talisker
CV id where it could be fine to send me : 9980290

Thank for any help

Taken care of :slight_smile: