Stuck in jupidor north pole

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: stuck at jupidor north pole
Player(s) with issue: anrkii
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 330am cdt
Playfield: jupidor
Structure Name(s): Aemoth v2**Structure ID(s):** Write here
How can we help you now: I landed on jupidor on its north pole. I am stuck here and ejected from my ship. I cannot reach my ship or escape. I am currently in the north polar area which should not be accessed normally

Hello @anrkii

I warped your ship to you.

I cant get to my ship. It is at the tip of the north pole and I cannot walk to it. Apparently I landed on the tip of the planetary pole. I logged back In but cannot reach the ship. When I get close, it throws me back again.

Ok, I warped you and your ship to 0 0 0. I hope it is save there.

I have been moved out of the polar area, but my ship , with is ha and sv are still stuck at the tip of the north pole. can you please move them to an accessible place? thank you.


since it was in the pole the game couldn’t deal with it anymore (sadly still a bug).
So I restored it from a backup and moved you and the ship to ECC Orbit to prevent any Drone loss or so in PvP.

Thank you for resetting my cv to me. I also had an sv and an hv on the ship which are not present now. Can those be recovered as well? Thank you for all your hard work, Rex. It must be very taxing.

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I restored the SV and HV above your head

Thank you Rex.