Stuck in ship?

Please help, the game glitched where the word was i think loading or not loading, i could see through the landscape, was flying in my CV and somehow ended up in another I think CV? i can’t get out :frowning: so am kinda stuck, please help, ty

Server name, planet name, ship ID go to registry and you will find it there, only then will an admin be able to help you, also is your forum name the same as your ingame name?

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Server: HWS EU
Planet: Trader Planet
Ship ID: 15396618
yes, same name as game

:slight_smile: Thankl you

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I see you are flying around in your SV again, is this still a problem or solved?

Hi Rex, my SV has moved outside of the ship now, but i am still stuck in, can i get teleported to my SV or home base? ty


ok done

Cool beans, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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