Stuck in space (maybe forever?)

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What happened: Got klled in space (Homeworld system)

Player(s) with issue:Peonza


Time (cb:time):June 9 , about 7 AM


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:I have no home set for some reason (I set before but now can’t spawn at home). And commands cb set home doesnt work (structure must be in same playfield). I would like to be teleported somewhere in Freelancer HQ planet (preferably at base -15942/434/1719). Thanks(

See here:

For sethome it must be near you, which is of course not the case if you are dying…
You have to prepare before going to PvP. Set something home in PvE and then type cb:gohome in such situations.

There is also always Plan B to click start fresh.
We admins don’t teleport someone out of PvP, not our job.
Try to solve it with a rescue Community mission or asking the HWS Police.

The home was set. I just accidently pressed fresh new start and appeared on capsule falling towards planet. Suddenly I got message, do I really really want to start fresh or it was mistake.

I clicked “Oh god, no” button, so game restored me back in space. Except without ability to go home. That’s dissapointing

You still at homeworld mate?

I think the game and our “Oh god, no” feature worked as intended.
Make sure to prepare better next time…

As last resort at the end of the season I teleported for some RP and credit cost back.

Thank you very much

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