Stuck in the ark mission RE server

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened?
=> I missclicked during the ark mission (on the planet where you get teleported) and instead of spawning on the planet I clicked med bay. Now I am stuck in the space station over the planet which is only there for this instance. Not even sure if it is possible to even warp there in a normal ship, but I also can’t spawn anything there.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Old_Dog

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 06.02.2022 around 17:45

On which Playfield?
=> Sector is “Dying Sun” Station is “Trade Station Lambda”

Structure Name(s)?
=> Trade Station Lambda

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 10780056

How can we help you now?
=> Is there a way to teleport me at least back to somewhere in the civilisation? :wink: ECC would be fine or one of the starter planets, I don’t care.
Best would be 14412685 thats my ship from which I started the mission.
Thank you in advance

Good Morning,
sorry for the delay. Warped you now.
Next time plz make sure to set the Home Spawn at your CV/Base or use our cb:sethome/cb:gohome command.

Thank you very much. I already got that now yes. Sadly I haven’t looked that up beforhand :confused:

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