Stuck / missing SV / SV inside CV

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What happened:
=> Warping with CV, SV is stuck inside CV , cannot move CV or warp with CV

Player(s) with issue:
=> Ezze

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Today, 10:30 EST pm


Structure Name(s):
=> 6454369 (Ironclad-Ezz3, CV)
and Protomolecul-Ezze (SV)

Structure ID(s):
=> 6454369 (CV)

Cannot find the SV that was attached.

How can we help you now:
=> Requesting unstuck with SV please, on my way back to PVE space.

Just try to use cb:getshiphere:id or cb:getshipdown:id
It will trigger a position change.

Just an update

Okay I was warping from Nova to Ceres, When I got to the VOID.

The SV went missing (It was a garage ship); Protomolecul-Ezze … it didnt show up in structure commander. The CV wouldnt move. The SV showed as RED on the screen, i had to cut the CV apart to move away from the SV.

The sv stopped my ship from moving. SV was docked to the CV. I was able to get my CV back to PVE and my character.

Current status: I have no idea where the SV is, it was a gold mining garage ship.

P menu didnt work on the SV, it was graphically/physically there, it could be multi tooled, but it wouldnt dock or allow the CV to move. I had to cut it out of the CV.


officially it is still in Nirvana… what a fitting name xD. So you weren’t in VOID (but thats not important).

It sounds like a game bug. I destroyed the old SV and spawned it close to you.

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Thank you both, been slow to respond and busy of late! Cheers

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