Stuck SV

Damn SV got away from me while i was mining. it flipped over and its underwater. i cant get the damn this out. Is there any way an admin can move the ship or is it a total loss.


He Jerm,

there are four ways to unstuck a ship:

  1. (for HV): Shift + Spacebar to flip it around
  2. Go in the ship, turn on engine + thrusters and press and hold the o key
  3. Fill dirt in front of the cockpit till it gets lifted
  4. An admin appears and doing some magic
    Since I am at work for 9 hours now try 2-3 or Jascha shows up later maybe.

Thanks for getting back to me.

ill be online for a few hours and if i seen you or the other admin ill ask for a hand.

I got it out and set it down on the beach. Sorry had a meeting today was not able to help earlier.