Stuff deleted (base and ships)

? I don’t get your ironic / sarcastic comment here…

You mean this one? Cv and sv disappeared after csw eu to na

Well sure I can reply with a smartphone because it is a no-brainer and no help for that required at all.

In your case I spend 5+ more minutes to verify all of your structures and play time activity.

Not to mention that we had an Event last night which took 12 hours. 6 hours on EU and 6 hours on NA. I was tired af after 24hours straight and only slept 5 hours. Don’t believe me? Ask @Schleicher, @Beetle, @gareth and all the others.

Still I accomplish to give a support response time below 24hour.


So if you have anything more toxic to say please go ahead or let it be for your own sake…