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What happened: about 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks now, a faction called HUT made a tower on golden globe, players from this faction has not been around or not have been active since they placed a structure on GG, but our real concern is members from their alliance namely ABN are taking advantage of the situation as the tower is offline protected all the time and that ABN faction is benefitting from their absence mining on GG. we have been waiting for days and i myself is always checking if the offline protection is down so that we can attack the said tower. but unfortunately tower is still there and is protected by offline protect
Player(s) with issue: Reaper
Server: Write here
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: we want a fair gameplay and looking forward for admin action

XD! you guys are petty! I know you guys aren’t paying attention. I can confirm that HUT placed those towers just this week, and im sorry he doesn’t get on when you guys are on if you wanna report him for that too. He is on different time zones. And wasn’t Ucka the one that was crying about it? let him make the post bro. I assure you Rexxus HUT barely put those towers up this week which you could check on your logs right?

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This won’t be an issue come next season, which my guess will happen within a week.

We’re friends with benefits, don’t fail to include me.

Hutt was online and playing while you posted this.

Seriously guys… Reaper… Ucka… lets just play. we don’t have to be petty like this. You guys had a good victory this weekend and I congratulated and GG’d. it didn’t have to get nasty. Using rules as a weapon like this is a nasty and petty as you can get… and its wasting admins time. Hutt is not an alt account group, they are over 3 players, and they are active. Don’t like the OP being used? Sorry, thats part of the system, and we’re following the rules. Using the rules to our advantage? Sure. Just like Ucka with the “ammo draining” this weekend.


Free and fair play in action. We have rules… we’re all following them. Leave the toxicity at the door.

Unfortunately the Alliance OP Check would solve this problem in Alpha 8 but rules are rules and apply for now still.

So any other issues have to go to a separate post but regarding HUT towers three things here:

  1. 2 Bases are on GG from HUT, created recently

  2. Regarding our rule:

The rule is not respected because only one member is active.


  1. I removed the “Long Tower PvP” as a warning. Please resolve the second tower today to not get wiped as well.

thank you rexxxus for looking into this. very much appreciated

12 days <3

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