Sugestions of optimizing the HWS market?

Hello there,

asfar i know the market place on the website is kinda unorganized
therefor i think its handy to have perhaps sub categories and the cheapest on top organized

the benefits:

price balance
better view and finding an item that is the cheapest
more liquidation (more people buying things cheap and perhaps sell for more
and some happy traders like me :wink:

the downside?

perhaps none, maybe the undercutting eich other but you can solve that by placing a timer on the fresh placed offer that you for example cannot withdraw for the next hour

let me know what you guys think, i personaly think this will help alot of people finding their items quicker, faster and perhaps cheaper as right now the newest placed are sitting on top and not so much the cheapest therefor new people may overpay alot or dont fully understand the value of a specific item yet

Greetings Nitrogenetics


Hmm, this is already a thing :wink:

All you have to do is to click on the different “titles”, and it’ll sort them by that.

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it was that unclear that i didnt even notice it haha, but still i think it could get a make over that things are easyer i often use the market and never really saw these options :stuck_out_tongue:

there’s also that funnel button that compacts same items into one and shows cheapest first …
but that’s a patreon feature :smiley: