Suggested raft of simple but effective changes

Sometimes we get so caught up in the big changes that little ones that cause irritation are left to pile up, until its death by a thousand cuts.

The following are small easy changes that could help to make the experience on the server more enjoyable.
And I welcome anyone to add theirs or provide feedback on these, positive or negative.

1.hand held weapons
1a:damage balancing
Now the npc health had increased and damage, you can find yourself sat with a t1/t2 assault rifle point blank range to a low ranking zirax grunts head, empty a clip and a half of round directly into their head, and still not take enough hp to kill them, while they, with their basic shotgun, laser, sniper or rocket launcher, can kill you even with your 500+hp extra and epic armour in mint condition, and do so in 2 or 3 shots.

That’s a double whammy to pve, and makes all none epic weapons completely useless.

A 50% damage increase across the board for all t1 and t2 weapons wouldn’t even bridge the gap, but it would be a start.

1.b: weapon names vs ammo names.

Why is it called a “epic plasma rifle” when it takes laser ammo still?
Either call it a laser rifle, or change the ammo to be plasma cells. Pick one.
It’s emersion breaking otherwise.
Same for the “epic laser minigun” thing, either just be a minigun, or make it use laser ammo. Pick. One.

Epic pulse rifles, why they shooting green emp round when they feed on jacketed steel projectile rifle powder cartrages?
Perhaps make them use the completely useless laser pistol rounds?
And make them do extra damage to robot and turret enemies, or they’re pointless in current config because you can just use an assault rifle for the same job, hell you can use the assault rifle for everything, it has no weakness.

1c:Hand weapons vs shields
Currently the only weapon that harms shields at all is the epic laser “plasma” rifle,
It takes about 4 magazines to lower a shield.
Hand held Plasma cannons should be buffed to give grounded players more options when fighting already asymmetric battles,
on foot vs hv or sv for example, this would not alter pvp events, but would make a positive difference in live world open pvp and pve.

All Easy fixes with just a couple of words or numbers to change in config to ammend. ship weapons.
Lets recap what we have

Cannon/minigun - currently useless other than keeping rats away. Can shoot on planets both.

Laser/plasma - useful for shields, plasma useful for Hull, lasers useful for fast moving targets. Probably the best balanced of the turrets but still leaning heavily in plasmas favour since they have sped up projectiles.

Rocket/flak, rockets do massive damage and are pretty much impossible to miss your target, flak just tickles them, and isn’t that much quicker fire rate, the rounds also seem to have less agility when tracking targets.
So flak is pretty much pointless.

Artillery:basically a torpedo launcher.

What I’d propose it to try and make those useless weapons useful so it’s got some game involved when choosing your weapons loadouts.

With a single word changed in the config you can make a weapon system fire in atmosphere, or underwater.

2a:make the minigun have a slight small anti sheild quality, and increase rate of fire.

Give the cannons some higher damage multipliers against basic armour, like steel blocks. Particularly vs SV It’s rate of fire can stay slow.

Now they’re not useless.

2b:allow laser turrets to fire in atmosphere, the laser turrets don’t do much anyway, mostly anti shield, but it would mean someone has to pick loadouts a bit more carefully.

2c: flak needs a tweek, I’d say the best thing to do with it would be to make them emp shells, and give it an anti sheild buff. Or make them work in atmosphere, currently theres just no reason to choose them.

Capital weapon loadouts should be just a case of “just pick the least broken version of the turrets” it should be a hard choice to pick between the 2 options.
And currently, it’s just not, but easily could be with these small edits to the config.

With cpu limits coming in, weapon choice should be a big part of the game now, what you leave what you take.

It should be just a case of:
Only Use epic weapons only because the rest are less effective at causing damage that throwing insults and wet tissue at the enemy.


Only use rocket and plasma turrets because the rest are vastly inferior.


yes these are great suggestions! the only issue is the developers don’t like to support their product after it has been “modified from default settings” this is a big issue for HWS as we are all about custom settings enhancing the game experience. the developers do not like when we tinker with their design because it makes their job of fixing bugs that much harder with different numbers in their equation.

it seems like this will be a never ending battle of the developer releasing a patch, us changing it to our liking, the game having even more issues, the developer adjusting to compensate our changes.

great ideas, they just need be heard by the devs :frowning:

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I do like many of the suggestions, but canon turrets should be looked at more carefully - right now they are usescayes (golden globe) where a CV with cannons does nice damage. If you buff that even more, it might be OP (only in this usecase). But generally I agree, especially with hand held weapons Beeing buffed (non-epic against NPC’s, epic against buildings)

whats annoying to me is that this game has loads of assets that just are not used.
more than half the weapons, tons of other stuff too, its like we’re only really using about 20% of the games content because the rest is almost instantly obsolete once you hit midgame - which you can hit in under an hour if you know what you’re doing.

the gray weapons have been factory food for me in the past. i don’t even bother picking them up anymore. such a shame that so many items don’t get used because it’s easier to trash them.

Although I agree with some parts in this, will give my opinions if I can find time,
basically every game has their “trash” / “vendor” / “lvl 1” items. Nothing wrong in that.

To be honest Empyrion has pretty high chance of acquiring useful items when looting compared to trash.