Suggestion: Base Repair

As bases are very hard to repair completely after they take damage (not talking about missing blocks), perhaps a command could be implemented to allow a structure to repair all damaged blocks. Damaged bases cause a large amount of lag due to the added triangles damaged blocks have. This includes irreparable internal damage as well.
Previously, the only solution was to destroy/recycle and rebuild it. Sometimes, though, bases are hand-built and this just isn’t a viable option. To fix this, I propose the following alternative:

Suggested mechanics:
Command: egs:repair:[ID]
Cooldown: 24 hours per structure
Limits: No enemies within 800m, blocks are not replaced
Cost: [Block count + 5 x (devices+lights)] x 10

Example: A class 7 base with 10000 blocks, 550 devices, and 75 lights would be 131250 credits to repair.

Note: All blocks are considered for cost, not just damaged blocks.

What do you guys think?

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Isn’t Repair to Blueprint coming in 8.0? Seems the way to go…

I believe this will be a function of repair pads, there is no repair pad that you can use on bases. Of course, perhaps this update will introduce something that allows it.

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The only issue is, I don’t believe the tool Rex and Jascha created can do that. Effectively, the tool just emulates things that the game can already do. For your idea to work, the tool would have to destroy the base and then spawn the original BP again… and that means losing all of your assets that are inside.

Or is there a restore missing blocks command in admin console…or something like that?

Can’t spoiler too much but let’s wait for Alpha 8 first…

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Damaged blocks thankfully no longer have additional triangles as of 7.5, the only increase now is due to revealed faces where blocks have been destroyed. This means that damaged bases shouldn’t create additional lag, particularly if some turrets have been lost :slight_smile:

I’m actually of the opinion that bases should be hard to repair. In pvp maintaining your base during relentless assault day after day should take effort.

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Just a quick note, there is a difference between the triangle count used for class size, and that used for actual GPU rendering, and effect on performance. This is a compromise so that players are not unfairly punished for combat damage by classing up, but do not for a second believe that the damaged state of a block has the same performance impact as the new state. The only way for that to be the case is if the block itself does not change shape when damaged. Which would basically mean that it would be closer to minecraft style block breaking: A damaged state decal is pasted onto a face, then the block is removed. It would make for an insane step back in graphics for the game, so is unlikely to be the case.

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I believe you are mistaken sir. In the past it was necessary to add additional triangles to create a curved ‘damaged’ block, but this is no longer the case. Eleon introduced parallax occlusion mapping in 7.0, which makes it possible to implement the same effect in shaders at virtually no performance cost. The block appears curved but is in fact just a flat surface, the effect doesn’t work at glancing angles but this is difficult to observe in practice since the block edges do not change.

aka putting damage decals onto the blocks, then removing them. I had not noticed the change since 7.0, since pvp has kind of gone potato since then and I haven’t had the motivation to try and get more recent combat tests in. Good to know though.