Suggestion for Anti-BA Supergate Modification

The anti-BA Supergate in Pirate-HQ space is apparently a one-way warp out of the system (or so I’m told). But when you approach and type “sg:?” it gives you a list of possible destinations.

But if you try to warp out, the gate tells you: “Sorry, you have to be in a Supergate zone.”

This was confusing to me - I didn’t know it was a one-way gate (someone told me in Discord).

SUGGESTION: Change the one-way (in) gates so that when you type sg:? it informs you it’s a one-way in gate only instead of giving you a list of choices that aren’t really choices. Just my two-bits worth.

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The collour should tell you what gate it is…

I belive the guide under still stands.

Good sugestion, if it is possible to implent @Jascha? Maybe message could read “oneway ready to warp etc”

I read the guide, but it didn’t say anything about a one-way IN gate. The gate is reddish or orange-ish (I dunno which) and those are supposed to be:

  • Orange Supergate : You can warp to the Donare System
  • Red Supergate : You can can warp from here but never return

So… I didn’t try to warp to Donare, but based on this, it can’t be a Red Supergate since I couldn’t warp out.

Nowhere in the guide do I see “You can warp in, but can’t warp out.”

(Note also, please, I’m not griping or complaining - just suggesting a little tweak to make it more clear. :slight_smile:


Which color is the Pirate HQ supergate? I can adjust the guide a little.

hey guys,
first for the SG:? command… when u anywhere that is not a warp space and u type it, it will return ALL possible destinations… not all valid ones… so Yeh bit confusing …

as for the one way two way thing… it’s the arrow heads that show it on the map mainly…

Dr. Dark: There’s a pic of the gate attached above. It’s reddish-orange to me. Hard to tell.

Hayawen: The map on the web site (or at least the one I found) says “No Supergates” for the Origin HQ planets. I think it’s old. If there’s a new one, maybe it should be put up there (in the guide).

Thanks for the attention, guys. :slight_smile: Also, I think you’re right that the list may be “all possible destinations” but I’m not sure. You can see the list in the image I attached in the original post.

I updated the guide a little… enough for now i guess.



this error has to do more with your position. Either the Zone is not set yet, or he needed a few seconds to get your new position.

Thats why this comes true:

I will change the wording in the next update

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