Suggestion for PVP after recent battles

Durring last battles on GG. I have noticed some things could be changed to increse stability and reduce small rule brakings like tackling.

Slightly increse range of laser and homing rockets on planet.
Rails, Rockets and plasma are in good health.
That will give fighter distance from each other and it would mean less hard rendering while more then 4 SVs in combat.

Increse damage to plasma turret as it does very little damage to SV and BA when attacking, also reduce rate of fire as plasma produces light. If more then what HV tank is used it could be considered as excessive amount of lights which produces lag and fps drops each time plasma turrets fire.
For rocket turret maybe increse range by 50 meters. It would shoot SV from longer distance and that would also make opponent in SV keep distance from ground (prevent tackling) and reduce the amount of rendering smaller object inside SV and HV fighters.

Reduce class size drastically because more then 4 CV class 7 in battle in one playfield causes massive drop of fps and hightens ping. It also causes server stability drops.
For a test maybe reduce to class 5 CV for all PVP playfields and for Black Hole put to class 2 to make little bit longer and more fun battles.

Deffinetely need to increse range of smaller dps turrets.
Arty and rocket turrets are good.
But all other turrets does not fire homing projectiles and can be dodged also i would consider maybe to slightly to increse damage to laser and cannon turrets.

PVP planets
I remember in season 6. There was on Golden Globe time when planet texture was indestructable and then time “gold hours” when it become destructible.
I think that would greatly increse stability durring bigger battles on GG.
The only thing about this. There would have to be new rule that core must be build inside structure and not underground.

Since Homeworld is full of rare and normal resources and HW event is cenceled for now it would be cool to make it as PVP hotspot planet.
Make spawnable 3 BA class 1 alliance.
SV same as Golden Globe and HV also.
I think that planet would be of more importance and pvp hotspot because GG is no longer economy of server. Its comodity traders -.-
Well at least till HW comes back online.

Well all this is just suggestions while observing latest bigger battles in space and planet.
Comment your opinion. :slight_smile:


I disagree with this. Sure it would make Golden Globe more stable, but many people in smaller factions are forced to mine when RED/OPG aren’t online. One of the things this would do, is making it easier for RED to make people stay away from mining O.o

Also lets face it. It’ll take a long time before empyrion becomes stable enough for PvP.

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That is true most smaller factions need to go on GG to mine while RED/OPG are offline.
But as i said. GG is no longer economy of HWS server. Comodity traders have taken this over.
Also keep in mind that all PVP planets and Orbits have gold meteors, deposits and/or asteroids.
So that way, GG can be placed back as it was in season 6 as indestructable for better PVP stability.
To make GG more tempting make bigger red gold areas so that when “gold hour” comes who ever “controls” GG get bigger “rewards”.

Gold can be even found in PVE sectors so i dont see reason why not try to make pvp more stabil.

“Also lets face it. It’ll take a long time before empyrion becomes stable enough for PvP.”

I dont think PVP in Empyrion will ever get stabil. Atleast not in our life spin. lol

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About the gold meteotites you’re right. We even got phoenix.

But about the commodity traders O.o
Last time i visited those in PvP there were a few big orbital towers camping the trader, and when we tried to take those down, we quickly came into a big fight with RED, which we lost :confused:

(I know there are PvE once too which pay less)

Comodity traders are in PVP area, and those towers or satelits what ever can be destroyed.
Yes RED and OPG did show up, maybe you lost. But its a start. Nobody wins in first rush aspecialy with such high instability of PVP and with allied factions who are still learning PVP basics.

At some point or when you get bigger or have batter war machinery, those comodity traders can be taken into control.

Bare in mind that RED/OPG are veterans and have bigger knowladge about PVP.

All this fights we had and will have should be considered and reviewed to make suggestion and changes to make PVP more stabil.
If PVP playstayle is more stabil, maybe more players will join PVP.

A lot of times i wanted to quit PVP dou to instability. But hey, here i am. Maybe we as communitiy can suggest or point out how we can make it better, stabil and more fun.

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