Suggestion for the ships bought from HWS

Rezzybeans and I have a suggestion for the next universe, a HWS repair feature for the ships and HV’s bought through HWS. So long as the core is intact, if you bring the ship to HWS garage, and are willing to pay a percentage of gold the ship was worth, the trader located there will repair your ship.

You would lose any modification you made to the ship, but the thing would be restored to what it was when you bought it or the latest iteration HWS has of the ship. This would further enhance the unique nature of the ships, such as weapons, and turrets or drills that ships have and cannot be replaced.

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I was in global when this conversation started up, and it definitely has some potential, if properly defined. For example, the cost being the same to repair regardless of replacing 1 drill, or 50 devices. If the Structure ID matched one bought from garage, it replaces it with a fresh version of what it was supposed to be, for say 20% of the cost?

I was thinking that the precentage was linked to how much of the ship was damaged. So say 20% of the overall ship was destroyed, then you pay 20% of the cost of the original ship to have it repaird.

Essentially you and I are on the same track here, just defining this differently. Honestly, how it works doesn’t matter to me so much as that the price of repairs are fair to the lossed portion of the ship. You take the risk of shipping the ship out to Elemental garage, so this is definitly not a easy button issue.

ya, the only reason I would say a fixed cost is knowing that the tool cannot tell what blocks are where, and compare, as easily as it can just count blocks. If you charge per block or device, someone loses 10 cs blocks on an sv, replaces 9 with normal blocks, repairs the whole thing for the cost of replacing 1 piece. With a fixed rate, itd be incredibly easy to implement on the back end, and people would know what to expect. Want to repair your rhea? well its always gonna cost 600k. something like that.

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It should actually be simple enough to do, but then again I do not know what had to be done to the ships in the first place.

Shouldn’t the script just be able to look at the statistics and scan the resource cost of the damaged ship, comparing that against the undamaged standard ship? Much less the standard ship being the example, the script then first deletes every block that doesn’t fit with the standard, followed by replacing the non-standard blocks?

Your solution is a quick and dirty solution, perhaps best for the trial run for this program. I typically look at the finished product idea. In the short term we could go with your solution, just to implement it by the 7th, or soon after.

take a look back at the early discussions about thee EGS recycle idea, in its infancy. It should be very illuminating as to how much data the hws admins actually have access to. Spoiler, its not nearly as much as everyone keeps assuming.

Agreed. We see the ship. We see the number of blocks and we see the number of devices. But we can’t see which devices are broke to what percentage and replace that.

I suppose one way would be as a sort of "insurance"l, trade one new for one broke + credits, flare rate, like the cell phone companies do it.

Or maybe even an insurance option where x credits a day will replace one hws ship Problem is over head to manage it manually would be impossible so it would need to be a tool command and much to be balanced in terms of price / risk / frequency of use; and none of us are insurance analysts. :joy: Seriously though there’s potential for abuse in any insurance system so that could just be too much hassle.

I’m all for anything that helps admins get out from the middle of you enjoying your game, though!

I too love the idea of an insurance policy. Per season of course.

But it would have to be linked to other things so it wouldn’t be abused…such as you lose rep… Or like an excess that gets bigger and bigger the more you claim.

So you buy a ship for 3,000,000

Its taken damage… No Drills for example.

You bring the ship to a zone and use command cb:insurance:claim

The ship then dissappear and the default BP will spawn. First time it costs 500,000 + 5 Rp getting more and more the more you use it up to the point that you are Bascially paying a slightly discounted rate than normal.

The HWS ships would sell alot more then

But critically is this even possible to code in a way that is reliable…

Jascha is only the guy who can say lol.

I guess like the holiday function where it dissappears in front of you then appears back but instead of the state it was In…the state of which it was when it was first purchased… This way the id would be the same but how easy is it to grab the prefab originally.

Fantastic idea though I think

I am not sure an escalating cost would be necessary. Only reason would be to avoid someone grabbing one, parting it out, and somehow making a profit off of it then getting the stuff back for cheaper than the repairs. But lets be real, Garage ships broken down are worth WAY less than 10% of their purchase cost, sold part by part on market. So honestly I do think a flat percentage rate (that way it is cheaper to fix cheap ships than expensive ones) would work, and is code-able with what jascha has now.