Suggestion for Vehicles when offline

I was wondering if it would be possible to use a system where you can somehow park vehicles (Capitals and small vehicles) into a garage or pad where it can get uploaded or stored into something sort of a vehicle bank to reduce lag and space then pay a certain Fee to use again (with limits of course). This would help when players decide to go offline and leave their vehicles sitting outside.

Hey Ronin,

well this was one of my very old idea and still thinking about it :slight_smile:
It is very complicated because of the tools we have right now but technically with some work it is kind of possible.
This will be another big feature for HWS but I guess after 4.0.

Thanks for the idea!

The easiest way would be a to use the Cross-Server-Warp-Code and modify it. Maybe you could make a single-system-server where the ships would be parked and where you could get them back with a command. And if you could modify the NPC-Trader-Zone you could make a parking zone where the ship could stand till it gets transfered.