Suggestion: Forum - area for factions and for alliances

I find it really confusing how the political landscape looks like.
I got some info from a player but it’s still very unknown.

Maybe I’m blind but it seems we have no area in the board itself where alliances/factions can say “hello” or look for members.
Also a table where alliances and their factions are listed would be great. Maybe that could be even taken out of Connect ?

Hey there,

There are Channels in Discord for this purpose :slight_smile:

How’s that CHAOS going to help ?:wink:

Are you talking about origins and their factions? Or actual alliances?

Well we have a forum area for this ‘Community’ - if someone wants to take on the job of keeping an alliances list updated…

@Daddy it’s probably more obvious to you as a longtime player (probably since start?)
But I’ve no idea who is who, who belongs together.

Community is not good for general stuff like that because the posts vanish again, I’m not sure if there is really no demand for it ? In typical games there is always an area for groups to say “hello”
If no one here is interested it’s probably useless.

Maybe the overview can be automatically created in Connect ?
members, factions, alliances

Its a valid point you raise. I’m sure if you want to take it on Rex could sticky the topic at the top of the relevant section.

Just thinking this through. My first reaction was, doesn’t the game client give you the ability to view factions and their size member list?

But then I think that is probably not what @lirezh was talking about.

Perhaps it is something like a persistant directory listing, where each of the larger factions can have an equal sized listing/advert about what their faction brings to the game/ is looking for in members etc? Though this would tend to reinforce the existing status quo - but perhaps that is not a bad thing…

In an ideal world this would automatically be linked to the “active member” value that connect is currently using for RP calculation - only listing the active larger factions.

But as others have said there are channels in the HWS discord server for recruitment etc, but I agree there is always room to improve the “HWS” specific features

Yeah I’m guessing what you want is some sort of season reporting on alliances and who is working with who so you can understand who is fighting who (and maybe who you might want to look at joining hint: Russian OPG/RED - non-Russian anyone else :joy:)

But it’s a good idea and I think it would probably take the theme of a monthly round up of alliances, big battles and who has control of what and where. The difficulty I see is two-fold 1) it would be somewhat time intensive unless we have some excited journalists on here and 2) it may be that the information reported goes out of date very quickly or you don’t receive the full picture due to tactical reporting of what each faction has/wants to make out they have.