Suggestion - highlight the guide

Currently the top menu of the website has “features” and “story” which both link to the same page (though different sections).

I would remove “story” as a separate menu section. Move “features” to the left on the menu bar and link to the top of this page as the story is part of the server features.

Then I would put a menu header of “guide” next to the “commands” header. This would highlight the detailed guide making it far simpler for new players to find and for existing players to direct newbies to.

Currently the guide is not so easy to locate, so improving the visability should pay dividends


As it goes for the guides, I always try to make newbies use the F1 PAD :slight_smile:
"Hey budd, press F1 and go to the 3 column and you will find all the info you need :slight_smile: GL "

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Hmm yeah, I thought of keeping the guide in the navigation of course but somehow decided for the deep linking and the feel of the one page.
But indeed, it would be maybe make more sense to have the guide back in the navigation again and not only in the footer.

Thanks for the suggestion and helping people for the right track!

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Ok, should be better now.
Thanks again for the suggestion!