Suggestion : How to make stealth more useful

At the moment i dont have much use for stealth. I warp into the PVP corridor, set up my orbital camp. My battleship is strong enough to survive the initial warp camper assault, so i take my valuables with me.

From my orbital camp at Golden Globe, Homeworld or Rheinland i start my SV for gold or POI run. Then i come back with my loot.

Now WOULD be exactly the perfect time stealthing my CV for some RL and unstealth it later for another gold digging run.

BUT i need access to my OCD for building/shifting stuff/resupply. I can not do this in PVP space.

So, instead of stealthing i have to warp back to PVE space to do that.

If you give OCD 7 for a donation it would solve the issue, or if you allow access to the OCD in PVP space in general.

OCD 7 sux for pvp it used to be like that long ago and anyone that was about to die on pvp just shoved it all in ocd and the enemy got 0 loot, OCD 7 is not achieveable on purpose.

Solution: carry enough supplies for more than 1 raid into golden globe.


I do that what brings me into the same situations like on servers without OCD :

My carrier consists mainly of cargo boxes :frowning:

For me so far ok.

Transport resources to battles and supplies, and much easier to make a small sv with many boxes of different corres and take them what you need, go the pve system get what you need ocd poe in this small ship, keep it in a fortified area of your CV and is carrying the ships of all his fleet, I even have a small sv of 3 blodos long and one of height that has 40 boxes of transport of 63 slots …

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