Suggestion: Make the lottery more interesting

Right now there’s 0.0001% chance of winning the lottery, which I consider very low odds and I consider the Risk of losing your RP credits far too great compared to the odds of winning.

So to my suggestion, like in real life, there should be more than 1 winner. Maybe 20 people are lucky enough to win maybe… 50.000 credits. Or 2 rewards of 1 million.
And then there should be 1 big reward which is basically what we have now.
So making the lottery a bit more… interesting.

I don’t know how much work it’d take to create from server side, so it could just be something for the future, maybe something that can be added after HWS Connect v5 comes?


I have been thinking of this for a long time and think a 50/50 raffle would be a decent way to sink cash as well as guarantee a winner. Not sure if this is something only we do in the states but essentially everyone puts in a specific amount for ticket buy-in. one of the ticket numbers is drawn and half the collected funds goes to the ticket owner. The remaining half is usually kept by “the house” or can be considered a donation to the “Help Noobs Recover” rescue efforts.