Suggestion on how to improve indestructible terrain

The idea of the undestructible terrain is a really good one: The planet’s surface is not filled with cheese holes during the season improving gameplay and performance.
But i think it needs some more tweaking, so here is my suggestion regarding to resource deposits:

Players can easily get stuck in a deposit after it has been mined out. When this happens, it usually looks like this (indestructible terrain in red):
… the undestructible terrain can prevent players from leaving a deposit even when using an HV that can climb walls in a 90-degree angle.
There are still certain options to get out: Die, respawn and come back with a SV to get your stuff if necessary (or possible), filling up the walls with the terrain filler to create a path or calling another player or an admin for help…
However, I believe most of the players don’t see this as an enrichment of gameplay and I also assume that it was not intended by HWS to happen.

I don’t know if it is technically possible to develop this and how much work it would be… But if resource deposits could look like this, it would solve the issue and improve gameplay on HWS:

… so any hover vessel with enough thrusters to climb walls in an 90-degree angle would always be able to leave the deposit, if the shape of the indestructble terrain surrounding the deposit would look like in the 2nd schematic.


@RexXxuS At first I thought this post would just be somebody complaining about useless stuff but it’s actually important for people who mine a lot I guess! Friend of mine got stuck in a deposit and lost 35k gold because he couldn’t get out/somebody ended up finding him. Should really look at what he’s talking about, he’s correct it’s hard af to get out in SOME of them not all of them.

Or one could just use the filler option and create a ramp.

Thanks for the feedback.

Short answer:

Long answer:

It is… semi possible.
What I am doing here is in general quite unique, lifting deposits UP and not down what is the general purpose of them.
Your suggestion would mean I need to lift them up even higher till the circle deposit becomes a half circle on its way up.
So yes, a kind of a trough is possible to create BUT it might be possible that you won’t deplete everything 100% and some % are left at the end.
This is not so bad though if we surface wipe regulary.

I try to do this for 7.0.

The only problem I see here is that meteorites might not spawn if a certain resource type (e.g. copper) is not fully depleted. I am not sure how the game mechanics work here (!!!), but if meteortites could start to spawn earlier on the appropriate playfield, for example not after 100% depletion of a resource but rather 90 % or 80 % (depending on the amount of ore that can’t be mined) that would work.
Maybe deposits can have a slightly larger diameter, so there would be some compensation to the loss of resources too, but that’s less important, as long as meteorites keep falling.

Great! :heart_eyes: