Suggestion: Origin Renaming

I’ve only been on the server for a couple weeks now and we have only recently been able to start actively searching for PvP, but have an initial observation. It feels like everyone vs the pirates.

The Guardian Starter and Origin specific planet are very full right now and none of the others are. So it seems like more people want to be “good” vs “evil”. I would suggest that “good” be more of a blurred line.

I would recommend something like:

  • Pirates - As is. “evil” in the eyes of everyone that isn’t a Pirate, but still some honor among thieves.
  • Traders - As is. “good” in the eyes of most. “weak” in the eyes of Pirates, and maybe Hunters.
  • Hunters - As is. “good” / “evil” is more on a case by case basis. Some Hunter factions may hunt Pirates, while some may hunt Traders, or even Guardian/Resistance.
  • Freelancer - Remove from game. (In favor of Resistance)
  • Guardian - Rename something like “Alliance” or “Empire” or “Corporation” or … “Good” in a general sense, but with a bit of corruption or too much control that leads to the need for another “good” combat centric origin, so now comes the:
  • The Resistance - A counter part to the Guardians. The Resistance and the Guardians have the same goals as seen by everyone else (IE: protect Traders and don’t like Pirates), but they are at war with each other. The Resistance feel that the Guardians are corrupt and should be taken down and consider their resistance to be just.

whats the point here… basically its moot IMHO… 4/5 choices, or 10 choices… same results… there is NO restriction to any particular gameplay “style”. Once 5.0 came out, the game changed a ton. Now its more of … kill anyone im not allied with. There is no incentive or requirement to do otherwise.

There was/is so much intra-orgin drama, LNFT guaridans for example. Between outright betrayal and backstabbing, to spy and infiltration, no control over kicking someone out of a faction in a reliable manner, etc…

Lets be honest… its a complete FFA right now. It seems most larger factions do not or will not ally 1-3-5 man factions in fear of that… and the idea of … oh… guardian faction “Uberdudes” is acting like pirates and killing other guardians so um… all the TRUE guardians, lets ban together and “regulate” them was a great “Idea” at the core, but falls VERRRRYYY short in reality. That would assume… oh… cooperation, trust, and dare i say… coordination on massive scales. Not likely to ever happen.

Something that could help might be to impose severe RP penalties or similar…but the that change Reputation Points to Roleplay points! If we were to get bonuses from missions, etc (yes i know Rexxus and crew have mentioned its being worked on) then maybe… but right now… adding more origins will not help or change anything long as the mechanics are like this.

Sooo… if they are not allied… expect a fight… period.

Good feedback, but nothing really that hasn’t already been said or tried before. This is the 5th season, each different than the last.

It’s all good stuff though - every voice adding constructive feedback is a good thing.

Yea the amount of factions now are great more would just be more upkeep for admins, the line is very blurred atm and most starter planets are full not just guardian :stuck_out_tongue: freelancer is bursting at the seems… i doubt new players can even spawn cv’s to get out.

I believe his suggestion was keep everything but rename freelancer to be a good guy angry at guardians. And rename guardians to be something good but can appear corrupt (as any government could.)

@Pumpula If you are having problems getting guardian alliances reach out to me on discord on who you can’t get to ally @till_eulenspiegel(forum name doesn’t match game name woops). All of the other factions have an understanding to ally everyone who asks, and usually have a policy to return list stuff and compensation for losses.

Ahh oops misunderstood, I heard rolls are being worked on so will be interesting to see in 6.0 or later.


Well i dont get why pirate factions are killing newbie pirates instead of building stronger community, or ally with rouges. Then all you hear from pirates is 10 vs 3 noobs !



Yea i guess pirates are slightly different minded than the rest of us :smiley:

Yes my point is simply that the current state of Guardians seems to be behaving differently than many of the other origins. When I think about Role Playing the Pirate Origin, I would be a little skeptical about being real buddy buddy with anyone, even other Pirates. While Guardians seem to Role Play the need to work together the most.

The current state has grown into some in-fighting within the Guardian Origin, but in a much more dramatic and publicized way compared to in-fighting within any other Origin. If two Pirate Factions don’t get along, well they’re Pirates, what do you expect? If two Guardian Factions don’t get along, well that goes against the lore of being a Guardian.

This is why I propose adding a new Origin called “The Resistance” which (from a Role Playing perspective) should be made up of factions that want to revolt against the current state of the Guardians. I also agree that adding a brand new Origin would be difficult at this point, so I would opt for replacing a faction like Freelancers with the new faction Resistance. Freelancers, in my view, could easily fit in (Role Playing wise) with either Traders or Hunters depending on their play style.

But if you make them seperate origins with seperate origin planets… what exactly makes them fight? Might as well be guardian 1 and guardian 2. I think the intent currently is that it is ok for infighting inside of an origin, and that hopefully someone will step up to get people in line and work together. Then if someone disagrees, they gather people, fight, and win or lose. That all can be done from inside the same origin. The people most likely to be enemies and/or rebel are those that are forced to be in close proximity to those they dislike. Plus it means that all of the sudden freelancers are supposed to be fighting guardians?

I get what you are trying to do, by creating a little more rivalvry so people can have targets while not being forced to play the role of a bad guy. But the origin selection is the first thing most people see when they get in the server. And most of the time they choose freelancer because they dont want to choose. This change would make the default role selection a role with rules and guidelines. And then expect people who dont care enough to choose to stick to that guideline.

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Wow, that’s a really good point! I guess it’s possible that my suggestion could actually lead to less conflict, not more. Though I still think structured conflict with some Role Playing background in the form of evolving Origins could have the potential for better long term conflicts.

Personally I think the origin planets are a bit too cozy atm (at least guardians is) and am happy to see what is coming in 6.0 that encourages people to settle away from these planets.

Now, if we took your idea and tweaked it a bit, and had a guardian and rebellion origin on seperate starters, and a common origin planet… Then you would see some sparks fly. Maybe make it so that it is impossible to ally between the two. But let’s be real, that is WAY more meddling in day to day affairs than rex has indicated he would want to do.

I personally enjoy the proverbial space Hatfields vs space McCoys barn burners :slight_smile: