[Suggestion] Public service announcement


I think it would be nice to have a little Public service announcement on LCD Screens set to public in ECC.

We have the blackmarket, but some players might offer different services (escort, ships for sell, faction recruitment) and it would be much more fun to publish these ingame instead of using the forum…

Just a few LCD screens set to public and everyone will be able to offer his services :slight_smile:

A kind of similar system was implemented on HWS some versions ago.

The result?

A lot of idiots used their chance to write things on the screen like “fuck all”, “I deleted everything - haha”, “get rekt”, etc.
It was the perfect chance for these kids to play since they hadn’t the chance to play in real life or whatever.

TL;DR: this doesn’t work. Only what is used by some already: placing your own sign somewhere.
This however is not fully approved since if everyone would do this places like the ECC HQ would get spammed with advertisment stuff.


Rex I started something a bit more organized during 5.0 on trader planet, a sort of embassy. Major factions would have a room and a landing pad, and an LCD coded to them. Might be able to use this concept to sell advertising spots for a few k per day? But you are right, public coded signs sadly never work.


That’s sad, but i understand.
Mcprouty’s idea seems nice though.

I would post a pic of a wiener. It would be hard to resist.

Rentable LCD’s though! I like that Idea.

Of course then I’d be paying for wiener pics…

I am selling a blueprint for 200.00$ US Dollars, just in time for the holidays.

Can i have it in Pink?

If you want, i can set up an SV with multiple, rentable LCD panels (price based on tax). Everyone can get they own code LCD. Will avoid clogging the area.

I just realized that we can do something else!

It is involved with some work for me but overall maybe cool:
We have the option to setup zones as you know also just normal text output zones.
So instead of signs you can also tell me your message you want people to show if they enter the zones.

Only condition: the zones can’t be overlapping each other. So you can’t have your advertisment zone within the ECC zone for example.

Dunno about the cost of it yet.