Suggestion: remove RP gain for inactive players

As I understand it, most factions do not require any action or even logging in to get reputation. Moreover, the more you play, the more likely you are to die, and thus, to lose RP. So a player who just registered, entered a faction and waited a month with no playtime whatsoever will get 210 RP as hunter/alliance/pirate. I don’t think it’s fair to the active players as there is no way to actively get the reputation (the trick with piraes’ gold is not an active action).
So at the very least I suggest requiring logging in dayly to get Reputation for that day.
Even better would be requirement of some actions (performing a jump for traders is OK. I can think of better things to require, but I don’t know what is technically feasible).


This is a good idea. How could someone possibly gain “reputation” by not being around right? Makes total sense.

With that said I am unsure if the current system limitations are based on the ability to code it in at all.

I also agree with the daily log in requirement in order to be considered eligible for that day’s respect point gain. This way, as Veber said, the server doesn’t have afk rp to contend with and the people who have any considerable amount of rp earned it by playing for at least maybe two hours a day (there’s an idea for minimum time played per day) and staying alive.

Seems like a relatively painless implement but kind of low on the scale of importance. However, like I said, I do like this idea.

/support +1

Yeah I too would have to agree with this , no one should be rewarded for not playing.

This currently seems of high importance to me because the reputation is a major resource since 4.0.
Consider, for example, its influence on the income for hunter and alliance factions. That income might be OP per se, but that’s another story and I’m not sure about how that should work. In my example of an monthly non-player, the 210 RP will get him to 210k credits per day income and more than 3 millions on bank account to that date (or more than 10 million in 2 months). By not even playing the game.

Well we agree also and we will address it with the next patch. It’s just a lot stuff right now. Hold on please.

You couldn’t pay me enough to do your job and you do it for free…no rush.

By no means did I intend to downplay the issue so I apologize if that’s the way it seems. I simply meant in the grand scheme of what’s going on with HWS; as being low in importance. Not that it was unimportant in it’s own regard :slight_smile: Reputation will need some future work but that’s the nature of a fluid and ever changing state; The only constant is change.

Just wanted to clear that up and I can appreciate your idea(s).