Suggestion: Spoiler box for Faction_Bonus



When you’re in a big faction, and also have a donator planet which is PvP, and as a federation player… then the Faction_Bonus message in HWS Connect Player activity log gets a liiiitttle long… as in 60-70 lines. Would it be possible to make a spoiler for it, so if i wanted to see what happend i could just open it?

Update: And these 60-70 lines of vessels… It’s only 1 month in season, still 2 more to go… I’ll probably reach 100 easy.


Yes, it really hinders.
It would be great to make a filter or category.

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Agree completely as I’m in same faction as Dark & also Federation main…
The main reason for ridiculously long messages is the horribly long list of hundred if not more PvP cores. Therefore it’s enough to spoiler box the objects that cause the “no-rp” gain to remove at least 90% of the message.

While I understand it’s probably beneficial to some new player to see which vehicle is preventing them from getting RP, I’d personally disable this completely if spoiler box is not possible. At the very least add setting that asks if we want to see which cores cause the no RP gain.

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